Beretta 9mm Production Line.

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Model 1915, Model 1923, Model 1951



Model 1915
Beretta’s 1st - 9mm automatic pistol
9mm Glisenti

Partially Closed Slide
Checkered wood Grips
Extra Safety on Back of Slide
Made in Italy





Model 1923
9mm Glisenti

“Rare” Commercial
Medallion In Wood Grips
Finger Rest Magazine
Made in Italy








Model 1923
9mm Glisenti

Cut For Shoulder Stock : Very Rare
“Rare” Commercial
Medallion Wood Grips
Made in Italy








1951 Cutaway
Factory Cutaway
Gold & Chrome Trim
Made In Italy




1951E Egyptian Beretta
Note the longer barrel, bottom magazine release, lanyard loop and high sights.

1951 Brigadier (original Brigadier) Deluxe full engraved and gold plated.
This was one of 20 guns from this time period  (the only known consec. pair).
The mate to it was stolen from a historical display.   

Iraq made 1951 Tariq 9mm - Beretta Licensed : these were seen in Desert Storm 1 for the 1st time.


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