Beretta 9mm Production Line.

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Model 92, Model 92S, Model 92S-1, Model 92SB

Model 92

1st Double Action.  9mm Parabellum - 15 rd. magazine.
Step Slide - Approx. 5000 made. Bottom Magazine Release. Made In Italy.
S/N 52 - Issued to Chicago P.D. My friend Dan Rewers (Chicago P.D.) made this early purchase for his dept. Dan was an avid gun collector who has now passed on.

Model 92 D/A
2nd variation
9mm Parabellum

Straight Slide
15 rd. Magazine
Bottom Magazine Release
Plastic Logo Grips
Made In Italy


Model 92S – 1st Drop Safety
9mm Parabellum

2nd Model In The 92 Series
Right Handed Hammer Drop Safety -No Left Wing.
Bottom Magazine Release
Wood Grips. Made In Italy


Model 92S : Prototype
Developed For Gov’t Testing
9mm Parabellum

Factory Letter
Experimental Left Hand Safety.

 Special Military Sub-sonic Ammo for 92S.

Made in Italy



Model 92S-1 : Test Trial Guns
Very Rare Pistols
Only 60 Samples Imported.

92S-1 Test Trial Gun – Rare Military Test Gun --  note the old 92S frame with magazine release. This gun is 1 of 20 used for Gov't testing. 40 sales samples also imported. Prototype to the 92SB. Made in Italy.

Note the magazine release is relocated but the grip is cut for the old release - left handed safety wing is added.
This example below was 1 of the 40 sales samples.
Prototype to the 92SB.  Made In Italy














Model 92SB
FBI Presentation Gun

Special wood grips with gold F.B.I. Logo - reverse is Gold name plate with agent’s initials

Documentation and Gold Filigree F.B.I. Pocket I.D. Badge
Presented to Dean N. Lloyd upon Retirement
Made in Italy
















Model 92SB  -  Factory Cutaway
Training aid S/N: 8

Gold & Chrome Trim
The only one I know of in the U.S.A.
Made In Italy

Model 92SB Compact: - Cover Gun for Guns & Ammo Magazine.

92SB Compact – Rare Factory Nickel
1st Model with straight grip frame – not flared at bottom; Wood deluxe grips.  

92SB – this came from the Dept. of Energy.   U.S. Gov't  D.O.E. -SR: 095SB
Savannah River Project, who carried Berettas for sometime   Wackenhut security badge – who protects the plant now.  

92SB Texas Ranger Issue Pistol 
Ranger Ramiro Martinez
(University of Texas Tower Shooting) 
S/N 36 as issued by rank and years of service – only 100 manufactured pictured Ranger Badge (retired) made from Mexican Cinco Peso & Texas Ranger Business Card -– This pistol shows years of use and Ray is pictured in Texas monthly wearing this pistol. Two sets of leather (holster and magazine pouch) are included ( black and brown attire)  Made by Oscar Carvajal Saddlery. Slide reads:  1923-1984 Texas Rangers.  Special serial number range


92SB-C : U.C.L.A. P.D. Official Weapon - 1984 – Olympic Games - shown with Chief Of Police John Barber’s badge which is inscribed to me on reverse – This is the only of 20 pistols marked  to commemorate this event – there is also one PM-12S sub machine gun of 4 used  which is marked in the same manner.

Factory Stocked 92SB rare class III Only.  1 of 30 cut for shoulder stock.

Transition flared grip compact 92SB

Prototype “D”
92SB - C Type “M”

9mm Parabellum

Prototype "D" Made For The St Louis Police Dept.
Late production run 92SB "M" models were supplied when 92FS "M" guns were scarce or out of production.

92SB-C factory modified to "D" (double action only) - Factory letter -  Made in Italy



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