Beretta Medium Frame Production Line.

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Model 80 Series

Model 80 - “Olimpic”
Factory Cutaway
.22 Short

Super Rare Pistol
Chrome Trim
Target Model
Target Grips
Barrel Weight
Olympic Circles On Factory Case
Made in Italy

Model 82
Factory Cutaway
.32 cal.
Gold & Chrome Trim
Double Action
Wood Grips
Single Row Mag.
Made in Italy




Model 32
Prototype -
Forerunner to Model 84 Series
.380 cal.

One Example is in the Beretta Museum (Italy)
S/N: 133
Pre-Mod. 84 Prototype
Made in Italy





Model 84 (1st Model )
Factory Cutaway
.380 cal.
S/N: 88
Gold & Chrome Trim
Smooth Wood Grips
Made in Italy




Model 84EL   Factory Engraved-Cased,  .380 cal.
Engraved & Polished Blue - Gold Name Plate.
3 digit S/N - I believe this to be the 1st engraved Mod. 84 pistol imported- few made.
2 high Capacity Magazines. Made in Italy






Model 84: “Prototype” Sales Set.  One Factory Engraved Set Made

.380 cal.  Factory Letter, Gold - Wood Grips, Silver - Wood Grips, Blue - Wood Grips
Lightly Engraved  Medium Engraved  Full Engraved. Project Cancelled - No Production Made.
Made in Italy - Engraved U.S.A.









Model 84EL : Prototype - Never Produced.

.380 cal. 13 rd. magazine, Polished Blue Finish with Gold Etching, Factory Letter


Model 87
Factory Cutaway
Gold & Chrome Trim
Double Action
Wood Grips
Single Row Magazine
Made in Italy




Model 84F & Model 85F Prototypes .380 cal.

Cover of Guns & Ammo Magazine.

Factory Letter & Guns & Ammo Letter Framed With Cover.
New F Hammer Drop Safety. Model 84 Has High Cap. Mag.
1st Prototypes Imported from Italy.
Box Marked - "Not to be fired"





Browning BDA Nickel D/A  13 rd. .380 
Came in Beretta box marked for - Mr. B. Taylor.
Beretta Medallions in Browning Grips. My personal shooter

Prototype 89 with smooth grips and slide seen in Handgun Quarterly Magazine  ///// 
Serrations front and rear, and slide latch different than production guns.  


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